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Welcome to our homepage for up-to-date information and requests about the DYWIDAG Form Tie System. We do not only value the personal relationship with our customers, but also provide 24-7 service. Thank you very much for your interest in our products and systems. We hope you will enjoy the convenience of our online system for product requests and return to www.dywidag-formties.com in the near future.


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Featured Project

Modern Coal-Burning Power Plant, Germany

Modern Coal-Burning Power Plant, Germany

DYWIDAG Form Ties and Accessories for Modern Coal-Burning Power Plant

Since the end of 2007, a modern coal-burning power plant has been under construction in the district of Moorburg in southern Hamburg. The plant will replace the Wedel cogeneration plant and supply the south of Hamburg with long-distance heating. The new power plant is being built as a double block plant and will have a capacity of 2 x 820 MW after its completion. The completion of the first block is scheduled for 2012, and the second block will be operational in 2013. The power plant is one of the most modern plants in the world, meeting...



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DSI's support, product knowledge and technical experience have allowed us to deliver and perform above the expectations of the client. Site conditions...

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DSI Image Trailer

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