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Anchorages in Concrete

Wobble Anchor

For bracings in concrete. The anchor length is very short thanks to the favorable bond behavior of the threadbar and the special wave form.

DSI Formties Anchorages in Concrete Wobble Anchor

Article No.Bar ØLengthWeight
15 FS 2080155500.82
20 FS 2080207001.82
26 ES 208026.58003.64

Made of MUKUSOL Threadbars
On request: made of DYWIDAG Threadbars

Hook Anchor

Hook Anchors are used for anchoring single-sided shuttering, climbing formwork etc..

MUKUSOL Hook Anchor

Article No.Bar ØLengthHook ØWeight
15 FS 3047/250152501000.68
15 FS 3047/450154501000.96
20 FS 3047/600206001502.20
26 ES 3047/80026.58002005.50

Made of MUKUSOL Threadbars
On request: made of DYWIDAG Threadbars

Loop Anchor

Loop Anchors are embedded in concrete for anchoring single-sided shuttering, climbing formwork and for other applications.

DSI Loop Anchor

Article No.Bar ØLengthWidthWeight
15 FS 3076155502301.96
20 FS 3076206003004.00
26 ES 307626.58004009.20

Made of MUKUSOL Threadbars
For anchoring brace frames at an angle of 45°
On request: Ø 15.20 mm made of DYWIDAG Threadbars

Fix Anchor/ Shuttering Sleeve/ Plate Anchor

For bracings in concrete. Since they can be nailed to the formwork skin at any point using the nail plug in the PE Foot or in the closing plug, the point is independent of existing anchor holes, and the formwork skin must not be perforated. Round Fix Anchors (20 + 26.5mm) should be installed with the flat side facing downwards in order to reach higher pull-out values with a larger pull-out cone. The actual pull-out values depend on many factors, which is why we recommend to always carry out pull-out tests on site.

Fix Anchor

DSI Fix Anchor

Article No.Bar ØPlate SizeHeightWeight
15 F 307415100 x 70600.52
15 F 31741580 x 35600.45
20 F 307420Ø 90800.85
26 E 307426.5Ø 120701.90
Fix Anchor with Concrete Spacer Sleeve1)
15 F 3074/S15100 x 70600.65

1) Including Nail Plug and Closing Plug, Installation depth = 125mm

15 F 3074 and 15 F 3174 are installed by using a PE Foot
20 F 3074 and 26 E 3074 are installed by using cones
For details and specifications, please ask DSI

DSI Fix Anchor
DSI Fix Anchor
DSI Fix Anchor
DSI Fix Anchor

PE Foot


Article No.Bar ØNominal Installation DepthWeight
15 F 3174/K15850.03

For the assembly of Fix Anchors 15 F 3074 and 15 F 3174
Delivery includes Nails and PE Plug

Shuttering Sleeve including Nail Plug

DSI Shuttering Sleeve

Article No.Bar ØLengthWeight
15 F 3116151000.04

Delivery includes Ø 18mm Nail Plug

Plate Anchor

DSI Plate Anchor
DSI Plate Anchor

Article No.Bar ØPlate SizeGI/VIWeight
15 F 305815120 x100 x 10160/1001.30
15 F 3058/40015120 x 100 x 10400/3401.65
15 FS 305815120 x 100 x 10160/1401.20
20 FS 305820120 x 100 x 10480/4002.60

Installation with Cones

Expansion Shell

Expansion shells are used for fixing single-sided shuttering or similar structures in rock, concrete or comparable load-bearing ground. When installing expansion shells, please consult the separate installation instructions available on demand.

DSI Expansion Shell
DSI Expansion Shell

Article No.Bar ØBorehole ØWeight
15 F 21281532-340.20
15 F 21351535-380.30
15 F 21841535-370.39
20 F 21362043-480.48
20 F 21372051-530.68
26 E 222126.561-631.14
26 E 213726.551-530.60

Please ask for installation instructions

Weldable Neck Flange

This flange can be welded on in order to anchor sheet pile walls at a 90° angle without perforating them. The material characteristics and dimensions of the welding area ensure the transfer of the full working load.

DSI Weldable Neck Flange

Article No.Bar ØLength x Width x HeightWeight
15 F 302615130 x 30 x 500.37

Weldable, Application with steel structures, Working load max. 90kN

The working loads of all products on this page depend on concrete strength, installation depth, distances between anchors and other factors. Please ask DSI for details.

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