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Cones for Lost Formties

Shear forces and lateral pressure caused by steel brackets should be avoided when using anchor bars or products derived from threadbars. Cones must be used for deflecting lateral forces.

Steel cones with movable contact cover

Steel cones are used for applications such as the construction of watertight concrete walls. The cones are supported at the inner side of the formwork and are fastened from the outside using a threadbar and a combination plate, flanged wing nut or equivalent accessories. Size accuracy of the formwork distance is achieved using a lost formtie/water stop Type N.

The steel cones are loosened via an easily accessible hex in the cone cover. The matching PE sleeve facilitates the loosening of the cone. The slim edge cover defines a clear hole that can be easily closed with mortar. However, it leaves a clearly visible indentation in the formwork skin if the outer threadbar is overtightened. The wide edge cover prevents damages to the formwork skin.

The hole that remains after unscrewing must be closed elaborately.

Steel Cone

DSI Steel Cone
DSI Steel Cone

Article No.Bar ØØ1/Ø2/ØD1)LengthHexC2)Weight
15 F 30341530/43/6210030500.64
15 F 3034/B1530/43/7610030500.65
20 F 30342033/44/6213036650.86
26 E 303426.540/54/9515041751.24

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter;
    ØD = cover diameter
2) C = concrete cover, all cones galvanized

For de-installation, please use hexagon wrench .. F 7044

PE Sleeve for Steel Cone

DSI PE-Sleeve for Steel Cone

Article No.For ConeLengthØ1/Ø21)Weight
15 F 3034/K15 F3034
15 F 3034/B
20 F 3034/K20 F 303411233/440.01
26 E 3034/K26 E 303412541/540.02

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
     Ø2 = upper cone diameter

To ensure an easy unscrewing of Steel Cones, the PE Sleeve is put on the cone before assembly

Steel-Plastic Cone

The Steel-Plastic Cone with steel core is an alternative to Steel Cones. Its field of application and its load bearing capacity are identical to those of Steel Cones. The Steel-Plastic Cone can be removed from the formwork more easily due to its larger cone inclination and the plastic sheathing. Furthermore, the remaining hole can be closed much better and easier using the matching concrete plug.

DSI Steel-Plastic Cone

Article No.Bar ØØ1/Ø21)LengthHexC2)Weight
15 F 30371540/6010027500.45
20 F 30372043/7112532650.80
26 E 303726.557/10313546701.67

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter
2) C = Concrete Cover

Consists of galvanized steel coupler with plastic cover For de-installation, please use hexagon wrench .. F 7044

Concrete Plug

DSI Concrete Plug

Article No.For ConeØ 1/ Ø21)HeightWeight
15 F 3037/S15 F 303752/68300.15
20 F 3037/S20 F 303759/69400.27

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter

For relocking the cone holes of the Steel-Plastic Cone

Unless noted, working loads of Cones for Lost Formties are as follows:
15 F…: 90kN; 20 F…: 160kN; 26 E…: 250kN

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