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Special Accessories

Shebolt (Anchor Head)

Shebolts consist of a Threadbar with a tightly pressed-on conical coupler. Shebolts are primarily used in combination with Loop or Hook Anchors that are embedded into the base plate. The conical anchor head is screwed onto both ends so that both anchors can be embedded without any protruding ends and is used for fixing single-sided shuttering or for similar applications.
Following formwork stripping, the shebolt can be unscrewed from the base plate at the hex screw that is pressed on behind the cone. We recommend the matching PE Sleeves to facilitate unscrewing. After removal of the shebolt, the ends of the Loop or Hook Anchors do not have to be cut off with a circular saw. The ends are located approx. 5 cm below the concrete edge. The conical hole simply has to be filled.

DSI Shebolt (Anchor Head)
Article No.Bar ØØ1/Ø21)HexLength2)Weight
15 F 3045/281528/3224200/7501.75
20 F 30452033/4630200/6502.50
26 ES 304526.540/5446210/6504.70

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter
2) Coupler length including pressed-on hex/total length



This article will be revised technically in all three dimensions.



Article No.Bar ØLengthPE Adaptor ØInclinationWeight
15 F 5120153002245°0.42
20 F 5120203002245°0.44
26 E 512026.53003645°0.38

Ensures the accurate keeping of a 45° angle for anchoring single-sided walls.

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