High Quality Products by Technique Béton for New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Every day, more than 3 million m³ of sewage water are processed in four major wastewater treatment plants in the conurbation of Paris, in the region of Ile-de-France. In order to cope with these huge amounts of water, the Marne Aval sewage plant in Noisy Le Grand, built in 1976, is now being modernized.

At present, the wastewater treatment plant treats sewage water for the 125,000 inhabitants living in Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne. By 2009, the plant is to have increased its daily capacity from 30,000m³ to 75,000m³ of sewage water. Three new buildings have been planned for this purpose – two facilities for treating water and sludge as well as a new office building. Since the area the future wastewater treatment plant will cover only takes up 3 instead of today’s 8 hectares, new green spaces will be created.

During the construction works, individual tanks are being built using large surface formwork. Formwork is concreted to a height of up to 10.40m in a single step wherever possible. In order to guarantee the quick and reliable setting and stripping of the wall surfaces from the moulds, the owner decided to use mould release agent Décosyntec 2003. Décosyntec 2003 is a high quality mould release agent. It offers corrosion protection and, in contrast to many similar products, does not stain surfaces.

Furthermore, Technique Béton developed special plastic cones for this construction project that were used for steels in special sizes during forming. Technique Béton also supplied the original Laroche concrete spacers which are assembled into the formwork’s reinforcement in order to guarantee proper spaces between the interior wall of formwork and the reinforcement. Laroche concrete cones were used for sealing concreted walls. Technique Béton is proud to have contributed with high-quality products to this important infrastructural project.


SIAAP (Paris metropolitan consortium for sewage treatment), Paris, France

General Contractor

Urbaine de Travaux Parenge, Eiffage TP, Spie Batignolle, Paris, France

DSI Unit

Technique Béton, Moissy Cramayel, France

Technique Béton Scope

Supply of mould release agent Décosyntec® 2003, Laroche® spacers and concrete cone; DYWIDAG Formtie Systems and Accessories

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