Precast Factory Chazey-Bons: Successful with Customized Products from Technique Béton

Technique Béton supplies Quality Products to Precast Factory Chazey-Bons, Lyon

The Precast Factory Chazey-Bons in Lyon was founded in 2000 and produces precast elements such as stairs, bridge elements, retaining walls, piers and beams for commercial buildings. The company has established itself successfully in the French market.

In order to guarantee the quality of their high grade precast elements, Chazey-Bons have been collaborating with specialized suppliers for years. Because of its long-standing knowhow in the field of concrete technology and chemistry, Technique Béton is the ideal partner for Chazey-Bons Préfa.

Technique Béton supplies the following customized products to Chazey-Bons Préfa:

  • Mould Release Agent Décosyntec 2001: Moulds are treated with this high-quality mould release agent before casting the concrete so that precast elements can be easily removed after setting.
  • Mortar Finimur fin: this special one component mortar seals pores in concrete, thus creating smooth surfaces. Finimur Fin is easy to apply and shows excellent adhesion to different substrates.
  • Lifting and Fixing Tools: Eye anchors and lifting loops are especially important because of their fundamental lifting and fixing function.
  • Magnets: When producing stairs, Chazey-Bons also uses special Laroche Magnets. These high performance magnets are used for stabilizing and fixating formwork during concreting.

Chazey-Bons Préfa, Lyon, France

DSI Unit

Technique Béton, Moissy Cramayel, France

Technique Béton Scope

Supply of Special Mortar Finimur® Fin, Mould Release Agent Décosyntec® 2001, Lifting and Fixing Tools and Laroche® Magnets; DYWIDAG Formtie Systems and Accessories

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