About Us

About Us

About us

We are ...

... your competent partner for the original DYWIDAG FormTie System with diameters 12.5/15/20 and 26.5mm.


The majority of our products originates from our own production and is distributed worldwide via our central store in Koethen. Thus, we can react to our customers’ wishes in a fast and flexible way at all times, always maintaining our high quality standard.

... fast and reliable.

In order to guarantee a just-in-time delivery, we have optimized our logistics: The complete processing from inquiry to delivery is carried out within 24 hours.

... partner for the building trade.

The building trade is our partner. Sites are supplied by specialized and competent dealers.

We offer ...

... quality.

Our products are in accordance with international quality standards and are permanently monitored both in house by our own laboratory and externally.

... technical development and assistance.

We offer you the complete know-how of the technical departments of the DYWIDAG-Systems International Group. The excellent quality of our products is permanently controlled when used on sites operated by the Group.

... technical special solutions.

On request, we develop and manufacture special solutions and products – even in small numbers.

... a professional central store.

All products are on stock in the usual quantities.You already know the rest: we deliver at once!

DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH

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