1865 Formation of the company Lang & Cie, Karlsruhe, Germany
1869 Gottlieb Widmann (left) & Eugen Dyckerhoff (right)

Change of name to Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG

1882 Water Reservoir, Wiesbaden, Germany

Rammed concrete, capacity: 4.300m3 (5,600 cu. Yds.)

1904 Railway Bridges near Kempten, Germany

Rammed concrete, longest span: 64,5m (212ft.)

1913 Dipl. Ing. Franz Dischinger

joins Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG

1923 Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Finsterwalder

joins Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG

1925-1927 Construction of planetaria

Zeiss-DYWIDAG system, in Mannheim, Nuremberg, Dresden, and Berlin, Germany

1927 Construction of Saale bridge Alsleben

Special feature: prestressed iron tie by Dipl. Ing. Franz Dischinger, a predecessor of today’s prestressing technique

Longstreth Medal in Philadelphia, USA for the world’s greatest technical achievement

Thanks to the growing worldwide recognition of DYWIDAG systems and construction projects

DYWIDAG begins licensee business.

1953 First prestressed concrete bridge over the Rhine river:

Nibelungen Bridge, maximum span: 114m, Worms, Germany

Several post-tensioned prestressed concrete bridges are built in Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands

Sumitomo obtains a license for manufacturing and distributing DYWIDAG's Post-Tensioning System and for applying DYWIDAG's Free Cantilever Construction Method in Japan and the Far East

1964 Bendorf Bridge

A new world record in prestressed concrete, Germany, Length: 524,70m

DYWIDAG's Post-Tensioning System is exclusively used for DYWIDAG's own projects or partner projects

The decision is made to market the DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning System outside the group. The License Department is founded within DYWIDAG

Systematic development of additional DYWIDAG systems such as bar, ground and rock anchors using 16mm Ø threabars and stay cable systems.
DYWIDAG subsidiaries are founded in Austria, USA, Canada and Italy.
Creation of an international network of companies for the global distribution of DYWIDAG systems and know-how

Second Main Bridge (135 + 135m spans), Frankfurt, Germany. First significant application of DYWIDAG rock anchors with double corrosion protection in Waldeck II cavern near Kassel, Germany.

First tests are carried out on GEWI® Piles for subsequent distribution. Development of the DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning System

1970 Water tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Main reservoir: 12.000m3; hydraulic lifting by 44m into the final position

First Canadian Application of Segmental Form Traveler Construction in Vancouver, Canada

1972 BMW office building in Munich, Germany

100m high cylinders that are suspended on a support tower with a useable surface of 72.000m2. Construction of the stories on the ground and subsequent lifting into their final position using the DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning System

First US Application of Segmental Form Traveler Construction in San Diego, California, USA

Intensified activities as a general contractor in turnkey construction, structural design, industrial construction, and underground projects as well as production of precast segments.

1975 Construction of the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

550m high television tower, platform with restaurant, upper tower shaft made of prestressed DYWIDAG concrete

DYWIDAG establishes the DSI Company Group as an independent organization in order to take over the work of the Licensee Department and continue the successful worldwide marketing of DYWIDAG systems and technical know-how

DSI companies founded in the Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and France. DSI agencies founded in Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman

1988 Olympic Bridge, Seoul, Korea

Development, production, supply and installation of DYWIDAG Stay Cable Systems

DSI committed to total quality;
DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994

New DSI companies in Portugal and Indonesia. New DSI representatives in Lebanon, Czech Republic, Latin America, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Malaysia

1997 <i>GEWI</i>® Piles secure Berlin's largest underground project against uplift - Lehrter Bahnhof, Germany

6,500 GEWI® Piles, 63.5mm Ø, were driven 17.5m to 26.4m deep into the ground from floating platforms to counteract hydraulic uplift

1997 Offshore oil platform Hibernia, Newfoundland, Canada

Production, supply and installation of 7,000t DYWIDAG Strand Tendons for the oil platform, height 111m

Plus Austrian and French affiliates into a single DSI GmbH with European branches

More than 50 subsidiaries, licensees and agents

2000 DSI tunneling products secure various tunnels for ICE high speed railway, Germany

DSI acquires ANI Strata Products and establishes a new business in the underground mining industry as well as in Australia

2002 Stay Cable Bridge over the Paraná River, Argentina

Production, supply and installation of 128 DYNA® Grip Stay Cables with a total weight of 740t

DSI opens new facility for mining products in Salt Lake City / USA and in Johannesburg / South Africa

Integration of SUSPA GmbH activities into the German business of the DSI Group. Merger creates SUSPA-DSI GmbH

DSI's global network consists of more than 75 subsidiaries, licensees and agents

2004 "Snøhvit" project, Melkøya, Norway

"Snøhvit" is the "northernmost industrial plant in the world". DSI supplies 1,650t of cryogenic DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons for the construction of four LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Tanks

DSI strengthens its mining business by acquiring Celtite Pty Ltd (Celtite), Australia

2005 Golden Gate Bridge, CA, USA

Retrofit using DYWIDAG Geotechnical & Post Tensioning systems. Supply, installation, stressing and grouting of DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Tendons.

DSI acquires Underground companies in North America

DSI acquires Stewart Mining in Canada. This acquisition establishes DSI as the market leader for mining products in Canada

The European private equity firm Industry Kapital acquires DSI

DSI acquires Artéon SA in France. This step strengthens DSI's market position in France and its market leadership for geotechnical and form tie systems in Europe

DSI acquires the leading supplier of mining products Mexicana de Anclas Mineras in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

DSI acquires Galaxy SA with its subsidiaries Technique Béton SAS and Mandelli-Sétra SAS. The Galaxy Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of formwork accessories, special mortars, lifting and fastening tools in construction industry.

2006 DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors tie down Gilboa Dam, NY, USA

For strenghtening Gilboa Dam, DSI produces and supplies 83 DYWIDAG Multistrand Anchors in lengths of 50-70m. The stressing operation is carried out using a 15,000kN stressing jack that was specially developed by DSI

2006 Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington D.C., USA

The bridge consists of two parallel, 1,850m long bridges in each direction. Each bridge accommodates 6 lanes of traffic plus shoulders. DSI supplies the post-tensioning material and related equipment in compliance with the strict quality requirements for three independent contracts

DSI strengthens its tunneling division by acquiring ALWAG Tunnelausbau Ges.m.b.H. in Pasching, Austria

DSI further strengthens its tunneling and mining activities in North America by acquiring the shares of American Commercial Incorporated (ACI), Bristol, VA, USA

DSI USA acquires Fasloc, Inc., a premier producer of Resin Cartridges for mining and tunneling in the USA

DSI expands its mining activities in South America by acquiring Soprofint SA, headquartered in Santiago, Chile

DSI acquires 100% of the shares of the German contec Bausysteme GmbH.
Headquartered in Porta Westfalica, Germany, contec is a leading specialist supplier of formwork and sealing systems on the domestic market

2007 Customized Products for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Marseille, France

Technique Béton, a 100% subsidiary of DSI, produces and supplies its special repair mortar Ravalchoc, mould release agents and other Concrete Accessories to one of the largest sewage plants in France

DSI acquires all outstanding shares of the Italian company DYWIT SPA, Milan, Italy

DSI is sold by Industri Kapital to CVC Capital Partners. CVC Capital Partners is a leading international private equity company with a total of 11.6 billion Euros in equity capital

September 2007

DSI acquires Idéaplast in France. Idéaplast produces accessories for the construction, aviation and automotive industries

The acquisition of MET-TECH Industries Ltd., USA extends DSI's market leadership in the supply of mining products in North America

2008 DSI supplies special products for Australia's longest road tunnel in Brisbane, Australia

For the construction of the 5,000m long double tunnel, DSI supplies the AT-76 injection system used for the first time in Australia in addition to many other products and systems. The injection system protects the TBM in advance from water damage and ensuing failure

December 2008

DSI acquires Fosminas Ancoragens Ltda., a leading producer of mining products in Brazil

DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) acquires business from AGRHIMERC S.A.C., Peru and establishes DSI Peru S.A.C.

Extension of DSI's market presence in South America by acquisitions

December 2009

DSI acquires the remainder of the shares of DYWIDAG Sistemas Constructivos (DSC) in Spain. DSC is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DSI Group

DSI acquires the remaining 38% of shares of PROTENDIDOS DYWIDAG Ltda., Brazil


Significant investments in EMEA's production capabilities in Austria for Geotechnics, Tunneling & Mining

The acquisition of DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) by Triton is closed on June, 15th, 2011. Triton, a highly respected European private equity house, is now the owner of DSI

2011 DSI South Africa strengthens Export Activities in Botswana and Zimbabwe

DSI is one of the largest and leading producers of products and systems for mining in South Africa. DSI plans to strategically expand its export activities into the important neighboring countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe. Clients include BHB Billiton, Xstrata, Exxaro, De Beers, Anglo American Thermal Coal, Anglo American Platinum, Bombela Construction, Sasol, CMI Joint Venture and a large number of small and medium sized mining operations

February 2012 DSI acquires a majority stake in UK specialist mining contractor Drill Tek Injection Systems Ltd.

Drill Tek is a mining services contractor offering both contracting services such as roof bolt installation and resin injection as well as product supply for roof support and reinforcement in underground mines. Additionally, the UK based company provides specialist services for tunneling and civil infrastructure construction. The acquisition represents a strategic investment for the future of DSI’s business and is the first acquisition undertaken since Triton Partners acquired DSI in June 2011.

March 2012 The Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge, San Diego, CA, USA

DSI supplied DYWIDAG-Post-Tensioning Systems for one of the world’s longest Self-Anchored Pedestrian Suspension Bridges
This project won the Engineering News Record (ENR) “Best of the Best” award.

The JFP 95 Blue Anti-Static Dust Suppressant marks DSI’s continuing expansion into chemical products for the Underground industry. DSI plans to use the existing distribution network that was established by WB Mining along with its own global sales network to market and sell the JFP product line worldwide.

April 2013

DSI enters Russian Mining market: Foundation of the new entity “DSI Techno” in Kemerovo, Kuzbass region.
Strategic investment in line with DSI’s growth strategy for the Mining segment

DSI opens a new International Purchasing Office in Shanghai, China.
The new office coordinates the co-operation with DSI’s Far East suppliers and all internal procurement divisions

May 2013

DSI receives five awards of the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) in Arizona, USA
Five major projects that DSI significantly contributed to receive 3 “Awards of Merit“, 1 “Project of the Year Award“ and 1 „Award of Excellence“ 

February 2014

DSI acquires Schaum-Chemie Mikołów Sp. z o.o. The company acts as DSI Schaum Chemie on the market.

  • Acquisition of 100% of JENNMAR Canada strengthens DSI’s mining capabilities in Canada
  • Acquisition of 49% in J-LOK® Resins allows DSI to have own manufacturing of resin capsules in Australia
  • Establishment of a bolt and resin joint venture with JENNMAR in South Africa
November 2014 DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI) acquires Post-Tensioning business in Brazil
  • Acquisition of 100% of shares of Prepron Group
  • Establishment of a strong presence in the Brazilian Post-Tensioning market
December 2014 PT DSI Underground Indonesia opens new Manufacturing Facility for Mining Products in Indonesia

The new, 3,000m2 manufacturing facility in Gresik, Surabaya, East Java primarily produces friction bolts for mining. 

Foundation of the Joint Venture DSI-Bridgecon in India consisting between the partners DSI and Bridgecon India Private Ltd. focusing in the business areas of Stay Cable Technology, Post-Tensioning and Geotechnics.

August 2015

Acquisition of the Intellectual Property and manufacturing assets for the “OneStep“ mining bolt from Hilti AG. OneStep is a self-drilling mining bolt which combines the drill head, drill steel, bolt and adhesive resin in a single unit.

August 2015

The newly established DSI Company DYWIDAG-Systems International Saudi Arabia, LLC in Riyadh-Olaya becomes fully operational. The new company strengthens DSI’s presence in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

September 2015

Formation of the Wind Tower Technologies strategic business unit. The new business unit focuses on the future development and sales strategies for the wind tower business in Europe.

Acquisition of the Jennmar Mining businesses outside the US, sale of the US Mining business to Jennmar. The acquisition allows DSI’s customers to profit from the most comprehensive portfolio in ground support products.

February 2016

Acquisition of shares of license partner QACS and establishment of DSI Middle East W.L.L.
Strategic partnership and strengthening of DSI’s market position in Qatar and the Middle East Region.

February 2016

Reorganization of the DSI Group. Effective March 2016, DSI Construction and DSI Underground operate as two separate divisions. DSI Construction continues to trade under “DYWIDAG Systems International” with the traditional company logo. DSI Underground adopts a new logo that goes into effect immediately.

July 2016

DSI Underground and Northern Mining Products (NMP) Sweden, sign an exclusive agreement to manufacture and sell the Dynamic OMEGA-BOLT®. The innovative rock bolt is based on the well-known expandable OMEGA-BOLT® friction bolt and is equipped with an internal additional steel element having a “C” profile that can absorb a significant amount of elastic energy.

Establishment of the new company DSI Underground Mongolia LLC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Change of name of the US American DSI Underground unit located in Louisville, KY, USA to DSI Tunneling LLC. All sales activities in Tunneling North America are concentrated at this location.

Protendidos DYWIDAG acquires the complete stock of products and equipment of Stahlwerk Annahuette (SAH) in Brazil. Going forward, Protendidos DYWIDAG is the only Brazilian supplier of GEWI® and GEWI® Plus Bars produced by SAH.

June 2017

Establishment of the Joint Venture DYWIDAG Interspan Holdings B.V. in Zaltbommel, Netherlands. The Joint Venture allows DYWIDAG-Systems International to transfer its experience in post-tensioning to major projects in the building industry.

Establishment of DSI Underground Nordic AB in Skellefteå, Sweden. The new logistics center can efficiently supply some of the largest underground metal mines in Europe with high quality ground support products on short notice.

Restructuring of DYWIDAG-Systems International into 4 Business Units:

  • Post-Tensioning (global)
  • Geotechnics (global)
  • Global Services (global)
  • Concrete Accessories (Europe)

The new matrix structure replaces the previous geographical organization model. Each Business Unit is managed by a President.

January 2018

Establishment of the new Global Business Group Mega Project and Wind Energy. The new Business Group centrally coordinates all stay cable projects and mega projects of DYWIDAG-Systems International and is also engaged as a central contact and coordinator for complex projects, taking advantage of its extensive technical expertise.

Establishment of the Business Group Asia. The new Business Group strengthens the presence of DYWIDAG-Systems International in Asia’s fastest growing geographical markets and ensures long-term, sustainable growth in this important region.

February 2018

Establishment of the regional Business Unit Concrete Accessories. The new pan European Business Unit bundles all Concrete Accessories activities in Europe and the Middle East. Through product innovation and the use of its Europe wide network, DYWIDAG-Systems International can offer the complete product portfolio and new developments throughout Europe and the Middle East.

March 2018

DYWIDAG-Systems International acquires specialist for robotic maintenance in Germany. The acquisition of Alpin Technik enhances the service offering of DYWIDAG-Systems International by using state of the art technologies and innovative solutions, thus contributing to safety, savings and the sustainability of existing structures.

May 2018

On May 3rd 2018, DYWIDAG-Systems International and Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co (OVM) sign a contract to jointly manufacture tendons for the fast-growing wind power market in China. Based in Liuzhou, China, the new joint venture operates under the name of OVM-DYWIDAG Technology Co Ltd. and serves the Chinese wind energy market with high-quality products for the post-tensioning of concrete and hybrid wind towers.

October 2018

DYWIDAG-Systems International acquires UK-based global monitoring company, Datum Group. The acquisition of the Datum Group enhances DYWIDAG-Systems International portfolio by adding products and services, including Infrastructural Health Monitoring in order to enhance safety, savings and sustainability of our customers. 

DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH

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