DYWIDAG Geotechnical Systems – Solutions You can Rely On

Looking for a reliable partner for stabilizing your geotechnical project? Our DYWIDAG Anchor and Pile Systems have been used successfully for decades for a variety of different applications.

No matter whether it's about slope stabilization, excavations, dams, harbor construction, foundations or stabilization against uplift - our geotechnical systems have always stood for uncompromising stability.

We offer the following Services:

  • We design and develop technically sophisticated and flexible Geotechnical Systems
  • We are happy to support you with technical planning
  • We produce in our own factories and ensure the availability of our systems and our special equipment - anytime and anywhere
  • On demand, we are happy to help you with the instruction of site personnel and to support you during installation, test loading and acceptance tests
  • Our competent and experienced engineers working in our technical departments implement customized special solutions just in time - challenge us!
  • On demand, we support you during approvals for individual cases as well as during the application and dimensioning of products and systems in accordance with new European norms. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with technical expertise and surveys.

Our Geotechnical Systems guarantee Safety in the following Application Areas:

  • Slope Stabilizations
  • Excavations
  • Dams
  • Hydro & Marine Structures
  • Tunnel Portals
  • Structural Repair Solutions

Why we are different

DYWIDAG has been and continues to be a pioneer in the development of rock and soil anchor systems and technology. Today, we are a world leader in this area. We have an outstanding reputation thanks to the excellent quality of our products and systems as well as of our reliable customer service. As innovation leaders, we have been offering you a comprehensive product range of technically sophisticated solutions for decades. We actively promote technical developments and research projects. Global patent applications prove our leading position and form the foundation stone of our successful work - to your advantage. We are your independent system supplier and your competent partner for special civil engineering!


DYWIDAG Bar Anchors – Setting Standards in Geotechnics

Our double corrosion protected bar anchor is universally recognized as the "standard" for anchor performance and permanent corrosion protection. We dedicate ourselves to the continuous development of rock and soil anchors and stand ready to support you during the design, planning and construction of your project.

DYWIDAG Strand Anchors - individually adapted Solutions for your Requirements

Our comprehensive product range of strand anchors has been designed both for temporary applications and a permanent system for long-term use (over 100 years). As an actively tensioned ground anchor system, our products and systems correspond to DIN 4125 and EN 1537 requirements.

On demand, we provide restressable or detensionable anchors. For permanently controlling anchor forces in your project, you can either use load cells or the contact free DYNA Force® Load Measuring System, which has been especially developed with the help of DYWIDAG-Systems International.

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System - Stability in loose Soils

Does your project need to be completed as quickly as possible? As a self-drilling ground control system, our DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar is an efficient solution. Drilling, installation and optional grouting are carried out in a single operational step, thus saving a large amount of time in comparison to conventional systems.

The well-proven installation principle can be universally used in different types of soils, and the hollow bars can also be easily installed in loose soils. Thanks to its left-hand thread, you can connect the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System quickly and safely to existing standard drilling machinery.


GEWI® Piles – strong for Tensile, Compression and Alternating Loads

GEWI® Piles are flexible to use small-diameter bored piles. Thanks to their robust GEWI® Thread, the micropiles can be adjusted to your specific length requirements on site. Our pile system has been approved for bearing tensile, compression and alternating loads and disposes of an excellent force / borehole ratio. Your project requires the transferal of extremely high loads? No problem: Multibar assembly is also possible for the GEWI® Pile, thus enhancing the load-bearing stability of the soil.

DYWIDAG Rock Bolts and Soil Nails - A System Characterized by Economy and Reliability

Our DYWIDAG Rock Bolts have not only been developed for temporary applications; they are also available as permanent anchors with galvanized steel tendons. Our rock bolt system disposes of an excellent force / borehole ratio.

Another alternative that is primarily used for rock bolting and roadway support is the use of fully grouted rock bolts / SN Anchors that are used in conjunction with an expansion shell, ensuring immediate load-bearing capacity in the borehole and thus efficient stability for your construction project.

As a passive anchorage system for stabilizing embankments and sidehill cuts or rock, our DYWIDAG Soil Nails have been used in combination with mesh for decades. Once it has been completely grouted with cement mortar, the steel tendon can both accommodate tensile and shear loads, thus providing safety for your project.


DYWIDAG Tie Rods – Adaptable Solutions for Hydraulic Construction

DYWIDAG Bar Systems are predestined for transferring tensile forces. For many years, our DYWIDAG Tie Rods have stabilized wharfages, watergate structures and water wings.

Does your project require flexibility? You can cut, anchor and couple the continuous GEWI® Thread anywhere you like. This way, you can use our tie rods completely flexibly for all installation conditions and always adapt them to alterations on short notice.


DYNA Force® Elasto-Magnetic Sensors - Measuring Forces effortlessly

Are you looking for an exact and simple method for measuring tensioning forces? Our innovative system enables a permanent monitoring of tensioning forces in steel tendons within a few minutes without cumbersome lift off tests or other expensive techniques. Our DYNA Force® Sensors are hollow cylinder shaped and are factory-installed on the strands or post-tensioning bars. This way, you can reliably measure the post-tensioning forces in your structure during its complete lifetime.

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