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Cones for Climbing Formwork

Positioning Cone

Positioning Cones are used to create anchorage points for climbing formwork, brackets or similar structures. Since Positioning Cones can be nailed to any free space on the formwork skin from the inside thanks to the metal or plastic Nail Plate, the point is independent of existing anchor holes and the formwork skin does not have to be perforated.
Anchors such as Wobble, Hook, Fix or Plate Anchors can be used for bracing Positioning Cones. After stripping the formwork and unscrewing the Nail Plate, the brackets can either be fixed using a metric screw, or the Positioning Cone can be exchanged for a Climbing Cone the brackets can be fixed to.
We offer matching PE Sleeves to facilitate the unscrewing of Positioning Cones.

DSI Positioning Cone
Article No.AnchorØ1/Ø21)LengthC2)Weight
15 F 307315F/M2430/4310018500.60
20 F 307320F/M2733/4613020650.78
26 E 307326E/M3340/5415024751.24

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter
2) C = Concrete Cover, all cones are galvanized

Positioning Cones are put in place before concreting
For de-installation, please use square wrench F 7045

Nail Plate

DSI Formties Cones for Climbing Formwork Nail Plate

Article No.MaterialAnchorS/E1)LengthHex2)Weight
15 F 3073/NSteelM2460/69,325120.13
20 F 3073/NSteelM2765/75,125120.20
26 E 3073/NSteelM3375/86,625120.30

1) S = Distance flat sites
    E = Distance corners

2) Hexagon socket

Galvanized, for fixing Positioning Cones to the formwork
For de-installation, please use hexagon wrench 15 F 7043

PE Sleeve

DSI PE Sleeve

Article No.For ConeLengthØ1/Ø21)Weight
15 F 3073/K15 F 30739731/430.01
20 F 3073/K20 F 307313033/460.01

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter

To ensure easy unscrewing of Positioning Cones, the PE Sleeve is put on the cone before assembly

Climbing Cone

Since neither Threadbars nor concrete can absorb special shear forces/lateral forces that can for example occur when using climbing formwork, these forces must be deviated via Climbing Cones. Climbing Cones are used to replace Positioning Cones after formwork stripping.

Alternatively, Positioning cones can be used in combination with metrical screws matching in terms of length and grade.


DSI Climbing Cone
Article No.Ø1/Ø21)Length2)HexHeight3)Shear Load4)Weight
15 F 303830/431555535301.28
20 F 303833/461855535401.50
26 E 303840/542105535502.50

1) Ø1 = lower cone diameter;
    Ø2 = upper cone diameter
2) Length = total length, cone length corresponds to the length of the Positioning Cone
3) Hex Screw height
4) At a concrete strength of minimum 10 N/mm²

15 = 10mm hexagon socket
20 = 13mm square drive
26 = 13mm square drive
Galvanized, cone for shear load, Positioning Cone must be removed

Hex Screw

DSI Hex Screw

Article No.AnchorLengthHexMaterialWeight
15 F 3073/SM241)3610.91)
20 F 3073/SM271)4110.91)
26 E 3073/SM331)5010.91)

1) Length according to customer requirements, standard lengths:
   M 24 = 60/80mm, M 27 = 60/80mm, M 33 = 100mm

The Hex Screw is screwed into the Positioning Cone, which remains in the concrete and absorbs the shear load (alternative solution to Climbing Cones).

Different systems can be used for anchoring climbing formwork (shear loads).
Upon request, we also develop and manufacture special solutions and products with individual design.

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