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Water Stops

When using a recoverable anchor with a plastic or fiber concrete sleeve, we recommend using a cast Water Stop for a water and gas tight tie point. Water Stops are certified for watertightness up to 7 bar in accordance with DIN 1048. In order to seal the tie point even more easily and more securely, we recommend using a Water Stop Type N.
It consists of a cold rolled anchor bar with a welded-on metal plate and an optional bentonite sheet that is glued on.

Water Stop Type N

DSI Water Stop Type N

Article No.Bar ØPlate SizeWeight
15 FS 304315120 x 120 x 20.20
20 FS 304320120 x 120 x 20.20
26 ES 304326.5120 x 120 x 20.20

Only plate without Threadbar; Threadbar must be ordered separately
Calculation of bar length:
Bar length = wall thickness minus double concrete cover of cone

Water Stop Type G

DSI Water Stop Type G

Article No. Bar Ø Length Plate Ø Spigot Ø Weight
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg/pc.]
15 F 3093 15 110 65 261) 0.55
20 F 3093 20 160 80 31 1.26

1) For tubes with 26mm inner diameter

Water Stop Type S

DSI Water Stop Type S

Article No.Bar ØLengthPlate SizeSpigot ØWeight
15 F 304415110120 x 120 x 2261)0.76
20 F 304420160120 x 120 x 2311.55

1) For tubes with 26mm inner diameter


PE Reduction Piece

DSI PE Reduction Piece

Article No.Bar ØLengthDiameterWeight
15 F 3093/K153326/220.01

For the connection of Type 15 F 3093 and 15 F 3044 Water Stops to 22mm internal diameter tubes

Water Stop Plus – Bentonite Layer

DSI Water Stop Plus – Bentonite Layer

Article No.Bar ØPlate SizeWeight
15 FS 3043/A15120 x 120 x 20.04
20 FS 3043/A20120 x 120 x 20.04
26 ES 3043/426.5120 x 120 x 20.04

With bentonite coating which swells when in contact with water and seals up the concrete actively and permanently
On stock for Water Stop Type N
On request for Water Stop Type G, Water Stop Type S

Water Stops prevent water from seeping alongside the Threadbar. Data sheets, installation instructions and test results are available on request.

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